Edge Mobile Deliveries

Streamline your procure to pay process

The procure to pay process is complicated with many moving parts.

If businesses get it right, the upside is significant. But if they get it wrong, the penalties range from cost overruns due to poor procurement, to massive losses in funds and confidence due to fraud.

The right process ensures that appropriate consideration and reflection is given to each commitment made by the business; who should order the goods, which suppliers should be used, who should approve the order and so on.

Once the goods have been ordered, the business needs to ensure the right goods are received, at the quality and quantity expected and at the price tag they were ordered at. Capturing the delivery via mobile phone helps to force this process.

But the delivery docket entered into the phone, also has the side effect of providing visibility to the Jobpac users in the head office including accurate and real-time project cost of work in progress, as well as accurate cost accruals and margin recognition in financial statements. All of that means more transparency and accuracy and ultimately more business profit.

The invoice approval process can also be significantly streamlined when the delivery of an order is entered into Jobpac. There’s no need to track down “yellow slips” to ensure delivery or telephoning sites to determine whether invoices should be approved and paid.

In fact, Jobpac has an optional automated 3-way matching process. So if your order has been adequately considered and approved and the delivery docket entered into Jobpac, why have a step of approving the invoice at all?! Jobpac can be configured to automatically approve the invoice when order equals delivery equals invoice.

edge delivery docket