Edge Purchase Orders

Enter purchase orders into Jobpac live

Manual PO’s are slow, inefficient and prone to human errors, which can lead to higher financial risk and costly mistakes.

Jobpac Purchase Orders eliminate these problems by ensuring your project costs are being recognised as soon as they occur, in real time and fully integrated to the Jobpac System.

The PO process is now streamlined, immediate, and in line with your Jobpac Approval Hierarchy. So no more lost time waiting at a supplier or unapproved spend on your job! Your users can enter PO’s on their phones and have the approval and PO information back instantly and in line with approval limits. It’s all real time and costed directly in Jobpac as soon as the user presses Submit.


  • Real time integration allows the user to easily retrieve
  • Jobpac Project and Cost Code items. Provides PO approval information to the Field immediately
  • Ensures Jobpac Approval rules are met
  • PO Approvers can also approve the spend on their phones in the Field without needing to be connected to the Office
  • Provides access via all smart phones (or even via a Web Browser on a laptop/PC)
  • Helps ensure your project teams are responsible for costs attributed to the jobs
  • Fosters the adoption of technology in your construction company
edge PO