Edge Timesheets and Leave Management

Enter timesheets directly into Jobpac from mobile devices

When we talked to our customers, a common story started to emerge about the collection of timesheet information.

There didn’t seem to be any effective way out there to get the data from employees, back to the head office and then into Jobpac.

We saw instances of:

  • hard copy timesheets with illegible scribble
  • photos of timesheets being emailed into head office, individual by individual
  • employees waiting until they were in the office to submit timesheets on paper and because it was so difficult, countless instances of timesheets just not being submitted on time at all.

Jobpac customers were literally spending days collecting the information and entering it into Jobpac.

But now, any of your employees can enter their time directly into Jobpac straight from their (iOS or Android) mobile devices.

In these days of remote work, why not make it as simple as possible for your employees to submit their time?

Start taking advantage of technology and use it in a way that it benefits your business and relieves an inefficient burden on your employees.

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